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You rang sir?

A light breeze from the NW, clear skies, and no humidity - joy! The forecast was SW going W, but that was flawed so what would the day bring, and can I have a job as a weather forecaster (with expectations so low, how can you fail?). Ross was RC for the day, and set a short beat and got flags and an asthmatic horn in action - 3 laps and we’re off. Sadiiqi had a stellar start at the boat end and headed right in a good shift. Siren and Solaise led the chase pack, but it was all over by the first windward mark - Sadiiqi had a large lead and the course was now skewed so passing lanes were slim. New Wave slowly clawed back boat by boat, and took second ahead of Siren.
Race 2 and more 3 lappers - the course remained skewed, so it was a drag race up and a drag race back. Erin led off the line and just kept going and going and going…. New Wave again was chasing through the fleet, and took second ahead of a consistent Siren in third. On Jezebell Gavin had been thrown off the helm and Jodi was now driving to yells of “you go girl!”.
Race three and oh dear - three reaching laps (marks still not moved). Siren had now figured out the course and flew off the line and tousled with Erin round and round, to take the bullet. After Erin was a consistent New Wave for third.
Great racing despite the skewed course, lots of action at the marks, and tight finishes.
On the way home Erin joined the ranks of Moxie and New Wave in creating the cathedral bell sound of a J hitting a navigation mark square on - Mark “45″ now has a blue line on it. A slightly deaf Erin crew were found in the bar afterwards - well they seemed deaf as I asked them to buy me a beer…..

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