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What’s course 3W again?

The Race Committee, led by Jay Hooper, dusted off some old courses to add variety to Saturday racing. The team littered the Great Sound with marks, and soon guns and flags started race 1. Breeze was NE (ish) with big shifts as all easterlies seem to have. First race New Wave led off to the right with Gripper leading the lefties. Boats that didn’t peel right soon paid the price - New Wave led at the top of the course chased by Sadiiqi and Solaise. After several laps of shifty 10 knot breeze the top three were New Wave, Sadiiqi then Solaise. A pause whilst marks were moved, though to the untrained eye they seemed to be i the same place. Crews spent the time warming up in the sun - it was a bit of a chill day with water temp now in the low 70’s, and a wind coming from Iceland (or is that IMFland now?).

Race 2 was an Olympic course - triangle then sausage. All I remember is that going left off the start was a really bad idea. Top mark in last and then fought way beck to 4th. Gripper and New Wave were first 2 though not sure which way round. Solaise owned 3rd place for the day.

Last race was now three laps with a windward finish. This time on Sadiiqi we wanted to go right, and that was the way to go! After 1 lap Solaise led from Sadiiqi with New Wave clawing back to 3rd following a poor start. At the first leeward mark Solaise led, but shortly tacked away leaving Sadiiqi and New Wave to head to the favoured right. Solaise shortly came back, but lost the lead at that time. The 3rd upwind had Sadiiqi to the right of New Wave heading up the course, with Solaise tucked a bit further back. A major shift let Sadiiqi make the mark, whilst the trailing boats needed 2 tacks - game over for first at that point. The final circuit had a great fight between Solaise and New Wave with Solaise leading the way. Just shy of the windward finish Solaise crossed New Wave rather than tack on her, and in the final shifts of the day New Wave finished ahead.

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